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Southern Dream Tours has devoted all its resources and expertise to providing the type of service that not only meet your expectations but pleasantly exceed them.

Within the realm of our services are the following :

Providing extraordinary accommodation ranging from 2 to 5star in and around our beautiful city. Our range covers residential, hotels, apartments as well as traditional dwellings to give you that African connection.

We endeavor to get you around the city safely and comfortably. To ensure this we have a great range of passenger and luxury vehicles to cater to your transport needs 24 hrs.
All our drivers and operators are highly qualified so you're always in good hands.

Cape Town boasts a whole host of unforgettable Attractions throughout the year to keep you entertained and also provide insight to our Culture and Heritage. All tours are conducted professionally by our qualified guides.

Current Events
What makes Cape Town so amazing is that whatever time of year, there's always something exciting happening. We are always up to date with current events from theatre to live concerts and major sporting events. You will be informed of these events for the duration of your stay and upon request we can make sure that you share in the excitement.