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We are a Charter and Tourism company operating since 2000 in and around the Western Cape. It became necessary to form a company of note to co-ordinate all activities required in services of the charter and tourism industry. Our management has vast knowledge in the transport industry for more than 15 years and their expertise has resulted in impeccable customer service and excellent organizing and logistic skills. Their insight to what this beautiful country has to offer makes it easy to understand our client's needs. Most of our staff comes from disadvantage backgrounds; however they have extensive understanding in the tourism and charter industry with excellent client services.

This organization has successfully designed its service provision in a professional structure whereby our clients shall find satisfaction on completing the designated work on time. Our team is comprised of several individuals who are experts and experienced in the transportation industry. We render our services with professionalism and dedication to reflect our mission statement and vision going along with our goals and objectives.

Our principle of community participation is based on improvement of society to create an atmosphere of independence, mutual trust and sharing of knowledge. Within the organization there is a particular emphasis on opportunities for all at every level with an acute focus on empowerment. Our company creates opportunities within its working environment to improve abilities and skills of the disadvantaged, in order that they become marketable in the competitive environment. The company's long term plan is to embark on gender sensitivity to accommodate women, physically challenged individuals within company structures in next coming 3years.

The company has progressed in having its loyal clients ever since it introduced a new range of vehicles to accommodate our client's needs. We have provided a service to international companies and tourist for the past 13 years. We are currently providing a staff transport service to an International French Company for the past 4 years. All our vehicles are fitted with transportation permits and passenger liability. Our drivers have all the necessary qualifications and PDP requirements which allow them to transport client's to all destinations.

Being the most innovative, accurate and satisfying service provider with the best-cost management ever. Having integrity, perceptions and standardization on our services and have the excellent turn around time for our clients. Bringing cost effectiveness and measurable transport services to our clients. To provide our clients with the finest transportation services available that will fulfill their expectations at the most reasonable rates, as the client's is our most important assets. We strive to establish positive relations and credibility between us and the clients for better service delivery, quality, attention to detail and excellence to meet and exceed our client's expectations.

Being the most viable, immediate and effective service provider to our clients by providing the greatest essential shuttle service that is cost-effective with a competitive edge and quality service.

Our company would like to take this opportunity to state and confirm that everything mentioned in this document is what makes this business exist. We are dedicated to implement our expertise and experience 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We will develop our management and staff to such an extent in order to enhance their personal profile on a business level. We dedicate ourselves to serve our client with an effective feedback to every service we are appointed to render every hour and every day. We strive to be one of the best companies that provide extensive and outstanding professional services with no hesitation. Our commitment and dedication determines the success of our existing Client base, hence we have a policy that our management and staff complies with in order to keep up the good work.